Does a real estate company only offer property visits? What other services can they provide? At Montesinos Falcón Real Estate we carry out a wide variety of services related to the purchase-sale of properties.

Many times we wonder why we have to go to a real estate to buy or sell our house, some of the reasons we have previously exposed in another post of our blog: a real estate is not just house searching or a management of house visits, there are many more added high-value services for customers who are looking to buy or sell a property.

According to a survey conducted by the Alfa real estate network to 300 customers, the services most valued by home buyers are: the presence of the real estate consultant at the time of the notarial deed, and the legal and tax advice throughout the purchase process of the living place.

In tourist areas of high movement, such as the Costa Blanca, real estate agencies also have a wide range of services related to the care of foreigners, ranging from attention in their native language, to the presentation of taxes to foreigners with properties in Spain. In these areas, the real estate agent ends up being a reference for foreigners to carry out all kinds of transactions related to their homes, being even a reference of knowledge, shelter and trust.

On the other face, homeowners, according to the same survey, the most valued services of a real estate company are the positioning of its website, legal and tax advice, from the beginning of the service, until the moment of the deed of purchase-sale, going through the valuation of the price of the property at the time of the operation.

This means that, sellers are looking for a real estate agency to advertise their properties and to be visited, as well as to be helped on administrative procedures.

In this area, and after the recent crisis in the country, real estate companies in Spain offer more specialized services for salespeople: ranging from comparative market analysis to assess their home, to the dissemination of their properties through the activity of the agency.

These dissemination activities can be varied: doing online marketing online (which ensures visits to the website of the agency and the properties they have announced), the management of their databases in powerful CRM applications (where the system itself where the house is registered, it crosses data and makes offers to potential clients who may be interested), until the classic mass-media advertising or real estate portals (which is an added value to the house to be sold).

In summary, a real estate company has many more basic services than the search and visits to houses, includes all the specialized advice on prices in the local market, the diffusion and advertising of housing, as well as being a guide when dealing with everything type of bureaucratic procedures related to our properties both: at the time of purchase and sale, and in future management tasks.

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